I know, you must be totally surprised to be on a completely different website! I will definitely write a post about why I've decided to move from the good ol' Birch Juice to here, but I think that's best left for next time. Right now I just want to catch up and get this show (new blog) on the road!

Watching: Love and Grace & Frankie. I haven't started any new and exciting shows lately, so I'm just catching up on old seasons of Netflix shows. Love is okay but is getting somewhat repetitive because of all the boring drama that keeps happening. Grace & Frankie is hilarious as always, I could watch this show nonstop!

Reading: "How To Be A Woman" by Caitlin Moran. I've read her other book called "How To Build A Girl" which is a work of fiction and I didn't really enjoy it. I haven't dived into this book too much yet, but I feel like it's going to be a much better read.

Listening to: Guys, I listen to music now! I know, pretty unbelievable. I've been discovering some new beats, thanks to good recommendations from people on Twitter.  I particularly like : Local Natives, Haim, Vance Joy, and Florence and the Machine. If you've been listening to something awesome please let me know!

Doing: Packing, sort of! We're headed to Tulum, Mexico next week and I really need to get my outfits together without overpacking as I usually do.

Planning: Meals, I like taking lunch to work. This week I did chicken salad so we had sandwiches for a good portion of the week. What are your go to lunch meals?

Wanting: To do a juice cleanse. I've been talking about trying it out for so long but they are pretty pricey so if I do one I would probably pick them up myself because delivery usually costs just as much as the thing itself. If you know any good juice cleanses let me know!

Loving: Food & meal delivery. Definitely not promoting any services, but at the new place where we live there aren't too many good grocery stores within walking distance so we've been using Amazon Fresh, which delivers groceries. We've also cracked and started doing Blue Apron after much back and forth between deciding which one to try out (their competitors are Hello Fresh and Plated). So far it's been great!

What's new with you?! I feel like it's been forever. 

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