Exploring Bushwick

During the time that I wasn't blogging an exciting thing happened, we moved from the city to Brooklyn! When we first came to New York I didn't expect to end up there just because I haven't really explored it much on our previous trips. It also helped that I got a job in Brooklyn so I became a lot more exposed to different areas.

The area where we live now is called Bushwick, some parts of it are often times classified as East Williamsburg.  Even if Bushwick may not be on your list of must visit places in NYC it has a lot of awesome character, most exciting is all of the graffiti that covers the buildings. There is some incredible artwork all over the place, so if that's something that you're curious to see definitely make sure to come out here.

Bushwick is a pretty easy area to get to, you can catch the L, J, or M trains from the city depending on the area that you are looking to visit. Getting around this neighborhood is very easy on city buses or even by walking, it doesn't take longer than 20 minutes.
If you follow New York news at all you might know that the L train will be shutting down in 2019, which is a big deal for some people who depend on it to get across the river to the city. I ended up taking these photos when we were out and about this past weekend but the train service was shut down in some areas so we had to walk. There was an option to take a shuttle bus but all of them were completely packed.
We got to walk through some industrial areas which I don't normally get to walk past. There are a lot of warehouses and you also may have seen an episode of Girls where they go to a loft party in Bushwick.
I wish I could snap a photo of all the amazing graffiti here but unfortunately there is no way I would be able to do it, most building have some sort of art on them.
I hope that maybe I inspired you to venture out to more areas of Brooklyn, apart from graffiti there are also lots of tasty restaurants and coffee shops out here.

Have you ever been to Bushwick?

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