Mexico Highlights

Well, we are back! I wish I was actually excited for it because coming back to NYC and mid 50's was not a fun time after some beautiful weather in Mexico. This was my first time ever going there but I've heard a lot of great things from people who have been there before.
We decided to go to Tulum because it was a little bit more low key than Cancun, and it wasn't too far of a flight for us. This was a family trip so we were meeting up with family from Nashville and Denver, luckily all of us were arriving around the same time so we didn't have to wait long at the airport. Our flights were to Cancun, which is slightly over an hour away from Tulum. Our transportation was arranged for so we had nothing to worry about after our arrival.
We decided to do an all inclusive vacation even though we tossed around other ideas for AirBnb and such, but unlimited food and drinks won over so off we were to a resort. Our resort is also known as "calm" so no wild partying or anything like that, which was perfect since we were all about a relaxing time in paradise.
The beach that we got to hangout on was beautiful with gorgeous turquoise water. Actually, when you're flying over Cancun you get to see some incredible sights because the water is so blue that it doesn't look natural. We got extra lucky and were right by a pretty large coral reef area so we got to snorkel and it was a lot of fun to see different kinds of fish swimming by.
Some of the time we also hung out by the pools, there were 4 in total but I only took a dip in 2 of them. Too many pools too little time! I'm usually a lot more interested in swimming in the ocean, which was great and the water was very warm. We also did some kayaking, but ended up going out too far so the lifeguard chased us down to tell us to come back, so I guess we got a little bit rebellious.
All of those unlimited drinks don't come without consequences, and on the second night I was not feeling too hot. Real talk for a second, I was throwing up half the night. I blame the tequila shots that I didn't go easy on. The following day was pretty rough but I was back in the beach game at around 11am so not too much of my day was spent laying around wallowing in misery. Good lesson learned though, on tropical vacays you gotta take it easy!
Near the end of our stay I really really didn't want to go back home,  but I feel like that always happens when I'm having a blast on a trip. Who wants to go back to work? That's right, no one. We agreed that it would be awesome to go on a yearly trip somewhere tropical, and maybe choose different destinations every time. With that being said, we really enjoyed Mexico! The nature was beautiful, we got to see lots of neat plants and of course gorgeous beaches. So if you feel like being a beach bum definitely consider going here!

The travel bug bit us and we're actively planning more trips in the near future. We're plotting a trip for Memorial day and we think Washington DC might be the spot. It's close to us and there is so much to see. So hopefully the planning of that goes well! I'll also share some more photos and information from this trip in future posts in case you're interested.

What's your favorite tropical destination?

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