One Year In New York

It feels like just yesterday I was writing a post letting you guys know that we were moving to New York City! Time really flies, especially here, because today is a year since we've moved. It's kind of hard to believe because it feels like a lot has happened but in a short period of time.
This past weekend the weather here was beautiful so we decided to play tourists and stroll along the Brooklyn Bridge! It was my first time going there so I didn't know what to expect. Getting there was easy enough, we made sure to start it off from the Brooklyn side to be able to take in all of the views.
Let me tell you, the bride was absolutely packed! The path is divided into a walking lane and a bike lane and a lot of people came very close to being hit by bikes. Hey, you gotta pay attention even if the views are very exciting. Though, truthfully, I would avoid biking on there just because I'd be too scared to run into someone!
Another thing that I wasn't prepared for was how windy it is up there! The wind was super strong and it took me a long and painful while to brush out my hair after we got home. It was definitely worth it, there are lots of photo taking opportunities!
Since it's been a year, I don't really know if I've changed in any ways? I'm a lot better at walking long distances, which is very good because previously walking around for a long while was exhausting. I'm a lot less patient when it comes to waiting in lines, I always see people lined up to try restaurant or a dessert spot, or something along those lines but I never bother with that type of thing. Which might be because I know that one place probably doesn't have the "best pizza in New York" or the "best cookie" (though if you are desperate for a chocolate chip cookie from Levain Bakery I recommend hitting up the Harlem location as there is no line). Maybe I'm just becoming more cynical, but I know that for every great restaurant there are 10 more that are just as good, trust!
It's a bit shameful that during our year here we haven't really ventured out into the surrounding areas too much. We did make it to Long Island to go to the beach, and we've been out to New Jersey because it's so close. We keep talking about going to Philadelphia, Boston, and Washington because they are so close but we have yet to make any concrete plans. We did take an endless amount of subway rides, and a lot of entertaining things happen there.  Actually, I've seen a few different things happen on the subway, the worst and the most entertaining is of course "showtime" pole dancers. If you haven't seen them do their routine count yourself lucky!
New York might not be everyone's cup of tea, we've had some friends stop by here on a quick trip and they had a tough time with the crowds and the walking. Sometimes it's exhilarating to be surrounded by so many people! My mom was another visitor who came to see us, it was her first time in NYC and she didn't really know what she wanted to see. The highlight of her trip was going on the Staten Island Ferry. Ferries are kind of a big deal here, there's even one special ferry that can get you from Financial district to IKEA!
I used to be 1 hour away from work, having to take 2 subways to get there. Now I'm a 10 minute bus ride away, because I'm brave enough to take the bus and not get lost. I've changed my ways and finally ordered in Seamless a few times, which was glorious but will never be as good as actually going to a restaurant. I still haven't made it to all of the museums, I haven't been to Grand Central Terminal since moving here, and I've only been to Times Square once because my mom wanted to tourist. 
We've only left New York twice in the past year, and it always feels weird coming here and being home. It's been an exciting and overwhelming year and I'm really looking forward to seeing what year 2 will bring! 

P.S. We're currently on our way to Mexico, I hope you have an awesome weekend!

Have you been to NYC? What's your favorite thing to do here?

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