Overnight Masks

I've had a truly life changing experience recently, when I finally tried an overnight mask. One of my friends got it for me and I couldn't believe that such things existed! I've always been too lazy to use masks because it felt like it was too much work to wash them off 20 minutes later. I didn't have time to sit around and wait for the mask to harden or solidify, so I just never used masks. Even worse when those masks are tough to wash off.

Overnight masks have been a life changer for me, because they are so simple to use and don't require you to do anything. Basically at night I wash my face, apply toner, serum, eye cream and face cream (though sometimes I skip the face cream step), then I generously apply the overnight mask of my choice and go to sleep. Or I go about my evening with the mask on, which is fine because overnight masks tend to get absorbed into the skin pretty quickly. Initially I was worried that I would get the mask all over myself and my pillow but that hasn't happened.

I've tried 5 different overnight masks (the ones pictured above) so far and they have been pretty great, your skin feels much more hydrated in the morning. There are sleeping masks with different benefits but most of mine are just super moisturizing and brightening. A good place to start with sleeping masks is trying the Korean ones because they are pretty inexpensive and work very well.

Have you ever tried a sleeping mask?

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