King's County Brewers Collective Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was filled with activities but unfortunately I forgot to take photos on Saturday so I'll just share it with you very quickly. I had a dentist appointment in the afternoon, which went well and then we were on our way to Queens. One of my friends lives there and we went to visit her and her boyfriend. We decided to go to a mall there, since malls are kind of rare around here and we do miss them from time to time. After strolling through the mall and seeing some of our favorite spots (Chick Fil A and Cheesecake Factory) we went to one of the best Thai restaurants in NYC. I stand by that statement and New York Times agrees.
On Sunday we went out to Williamsburg, it was full of European tourists (which is always the case) and we took in some nice city sights. We worked up an appetite hanging out on the tiny beach area so we decided to go get the best slice around at Joe's Pizza, seriously the best slice which is only $2.75. They also have a location by Washington Square Park in the city but this one is a little less busy.
Then after chowing on the pizza we made our way back to Bushiwck. We strolled around because the weather was beautiful on Sunday and we wanted to check out a place that we haven't been to before. Brooklyn has a lot of breweries, and one that's close to us is called King's County Brewers Collective.
It's a pretty cool space and I've heard really good things about it prior to going. They always have special events going on and people like to have parties there. They have lots of room for sitting around and chilling by the bar and of course lots of great beers to choose from.
We tried 3 different beers each, all of them were awesome. One of mine was a cider from a brewery in Queens. Until a couple of years ago I was not a big beer drinker but since Alex and I got together he's converted me to loving beer. My favorite beers are stouts, especially if there's chocolate involved.
We had a great time there and we are looking forward to going back now that we've got our favorites all picked out. This brewery is in a very convenient location so it's close to a lot of other bars and restaurants. Basically, our Sunday ended on a slightly tipsy note but it was  great weekend!

How was your weekend? What did you do?

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