Last Weekend Of April

It was a beautiful day on Saturday, high 80's which made us feel like we were back in Mexico! This meant that we had to go out and enjoy the day. Since moving to Brooklyn we are relatively close to a Target so sometimes we decide to venture out there. It's a 30 minute bus ride away, and it's always crazy busy in there which makes me really miss the Target back in Nashville which was never super busy.
Summer time in the city is filled with outdoor spots, there are endless bars and restaurants with patios that are really glorious when the warm weather rolls around. Target is located by the Fort Greene neighborhood in Brooklyn which is filled with tree lined streets and beautiful brownstones. They have that classic New York look that you would expect from different areas in the city without actually being in it.
Whenever we venture out to Fort Greene we make sure to visit Greenlight Brookstore which is an independent book store so I always try to buy a book there. They have an awesome selection and it's hard not to be tempted by all of the books. I've seen this bookstore on lists of must visit book shops in NYC and I agree with that, if you're in the area make sure to stop by.
I've got that crazed look in my eyes after browsing a bunch of books and after endless goings back and forth Alex and I made our selections. I went for a non-fiction in my quest to include more non-fiction in my reading. Please don't mind me holding the book upside down, that's what happens when you're in a rush to get a photo!
Book shopping made us work up an appetite, so we decided to pop in for some ice cream next door. It was very conveniently located so we couldn't resist! The flavor selections were excellent too, I went with banana ice cream and Alex decided to go with key lime pie. I feel like I haven't had ice cream in forever so it was a very welcome treat.
After getting our fill of ice cream we made our way to Target. There I didn't take any photos because I was mesmerized buy all of the goods that aren't easy to come by for me. I didn't get anything overly exciting, just some St. Ives peach scrub that is an old holy grail product of mine, and it also helps that it's like $3. When we were leaving there and walking to the bus stop it got super windy and the trees were going wild. In the photo below you can't really tell, but I promise the little flower petals were flying all over.
After we got home we decided to cook up our Blue Apron meal that was delivered earlier in the day. We've been doing Blue Apron for a few weeks now but it just so happens that we've been skipping every other week whenever we went away or the recipes weren't super appealing.  Overall it's been very good, and we came across some awesome recipes that we could definitely try re-creating with our own ingredients. 
 The ingredients were pretty straightforward for it so we were working away on our meal pretty efficiently. The recipes aren't ever complicated so I can definitely appreciate that.
Just an action shot in the middle of cooking things up! When we're both cooking things go even faster so it's a breeze. And I'm just the laziest person when it comes to cooking so this helps. 
Finished product! I have to say that it always looks pretty darn close to the photo. I like that because my cooking doesn't usually resemble photos. Then we washed this dinner down with some gin and tonics, something that we picked up on our trip since gin has never been the kind of liquor that we drink. Nice and easy Saturday night! 

What were you up to this weekend?

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