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So, let's get into it! As some of you might remember (though I doubt it) I started my first blog in April of 2014. It was successful because I managed to keep up with it for almost 3 years, that blog was Birch Juice Blog. I started it on Blogger, then I ended up moving to a self hosted Wordpress blog. Wordpress was awesome, and if deciding on hosting wasn't an issue then I would have probably stuck with it.

Both my hosting and domain for BJB are about to expire this month so I figured that now was the time to decide what I wanted to do. Normally when you first do a hosting plan they offer it to you for dirt cheap, which is what happened with my Blue Host domain, it was something silly like $2.50 a month. I paid for it for the 2 years and had nothing to worry about. Now if I were to renew I would have to pay more, I'm sure I could haggle with them or something along those lines but I just don't have the energy to do that. I also could have moved on to another host, but I just didn't want the hassle. Who knows, though, maybe I will eventually move this blog onto a self hosted Wordpress if I can find a nice cheap deal. Any recommendations?

I also felt like BJB ended up going in a completely different direction, but I blame myself for trying to chase the "blog success" and trying to post the kinds of posts that I thought would get the most clicks. That's not why I started my blog in the first place, I started it because I shared photos of foods I ate and activities that I did on the weekends. I might be lazy but I just don't care about trying to promote my blog on 5 different social media channels, it's a hobby not a full time job.

During my time off from blogging I realized that what I missed most was catching up with my blog friends and seeing what they were up to rather than being stressed about page views. It feels nice to slowly get back in the loop with what everyone has been doing and reading. It also feels a little exciting to be on a new blogging platform so it feels like I started fresh, which definitely helps to get back into the swing of things!

Have you ever taken a break from your blog? What made you want to get back into it?

Also, we're off to Philly this weekend! If you have any tips or suggestions for what to do and where to go please let me know :)

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