Philadelphia Highlights

As I briefly mentioned in my post last week, we went to Philly for the weekend! We took the bus there early Saturday morning and went back Sunday evening. It was both of our first time going there and we really enjoyed it! The philly cheese steaks definitely helped with that. We stayed in Old Town and it was such a beautiful area. Overall we enjoyed how uncrowded the city was, which was kind of a sweet relief coming from NYC. This post will just have some highlights from the trip and I will share a more in depth one later on :)
We really liked exploring the areas that were close to our hotel. We didn't expect it but Philly is such a clean city! It might be that we're just not used to it anymore but it's something we noticed right away. Lots of people with dogs here too, is it just on the weekend? We saw so many dogs!
It was a blast even though we only got to spend a weekend here. I would love to go back and to do more stuff. I've spotted some ice cream shops that looked very tempting and I plan on coming back and visiting them!

Have you ever been to Philly? What's your favorite thing to do there?

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