What's New With You May the 4th Edition

This is my first time ever doing a link up! I'm liking up with Kristen and I hope I do this thing right.

April has been a great month for me in terms of beach time and getting to relax. It's been tough to get into the groove again after being away, so I've struggled with having to wake up early and actually going to work. I feel like I caught some kind of weird wanderlust bug that makes me want to go out and explore, as well as plan trips.

What's New With You
This month I'm hoping to:

  1.  Venture out to Philadelphia, which is only like 1.5 hours away from here by train. Everyone seems to love it there and who doesn't enjoy a quick day trip? As mentioned before we haven't really explored NY state and other nearby states so warm weather will hopefully help with that.
  2. Get back on my reading track! I have so many books that I keep accumulating but I'm not keeping up with my reading. I blame the new computer and me feeling like I'm glued to it. I'm almost done my current read and I'll hopefully manage to squeeze in a few more books this month.
  3. No spending month! I know I know, I don't have much faith in myself either but I've officially declared May as the no spending month. I haven't made any purchases yet that weren't necessities and I hope I can continue on with it. I think the key to success is to avoid checking any emails that I get this month advertising great sales on clothes/makeup. Do you have any tips?

What are you hoping to do (or not do) this month?

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