June 2017 Reading Wrap Up

June may not be over yet, but I'm currently reading The Goldfinch so I won't be finished any time soon. It's a really enjoyable book and I'm happy that I went back to give it another go. It's over 900 pages and I'm at around 350 so it should be another couple of weeks.

Other than that last hiccup June was a great reading month for me. I was able to get out of my reading slump and managed to get to some books that have been hanging around on my shelves for way too long.

Into The Water by Paula Hawkins - (4/5) I love her writing so I would probably love just about anything she wrote. This book had A LOT of characters and all of them shared their perspective on the story. I'm a fan of multiple narrators and getting really confused by some untrustworthy accounts but this one took me a little while to get into. Pretty much all of the characters were bad in one way or another. All of them had dark secrets that they were hiding and overall it was a decent read. Not quite as good as The Girl on the Train but I didn't really expect it to be.

The Age of Miracles by Karen Thompson Walker - (5/5) This was an unexpectedly good read. I haven't heard much about this book but it turned out really well written and the subject matter was very interesting to me. It's about a time when the Earth starts slowing down its rotations and this causes a bunch of unfortunate events. It's written from a perspective of a teenage girl and I feel like it's been forever since I've read a book with a young narrator who didn't have special powers or was really cheesy.

Snow Hunters by Paul Yoon - (3/5) This was a decent and quick read. It was beautifully written with lots of descriptions and overall it was a great story about life. I haven't read anything by this author before and I didn't know what to expect. The biggest downfall for me was not being able to connect with any characters since the book was pretty short and covered a lot of history of the characters before the main character got to meet them.

Mother Night  by Kurt Vonnegut - (4/5) Alex has been reading a few Kurt Vonnegut books and this one caught my eye. This book is about a double agent during WWII. While it covers a serious topic the book has a lot of humor in it and the read was very entertaining. Reading this book made me want to read more of Vonnegut's books.

Human Acts by Han Kang - (3/5) This was a well written book and I can definitely see why her other books are very popular. This book is quite dark and sad so definitely read it when you're feeling up to it. There are a lot of graphic descriptions and lots of stuff that makes you cringe. It was interesting to read about a time period in South Korean history that I knew nothing about and it definitely made me want to know more and to become better informed about it.

Have you read any good books lately?

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