June Catch Up

Hey guys, I feel like I've slacked a bit around here. That might be because we've had some out of towners visiting and things got a bit busy on the weekends. Things have since calmed down so I'm back with a June catch up!

Watching -  For some reason I haven't had time to watch anything in depth lately! But I've been slowly but surely getting through The Handmaid's Tale which is such an awesome show. If you liked the book I highly recommend it. I'm also watching The Bachelorette, if you know me you'll know that I watch every single season so I couldn't miss this one. I liked Rachel when she was on The Bachelor and I'm so excited for her to meet someone special :)

Reading - I'm on a reading roll right now (hopefully I don't jinx it by mentioning it lol) so I've been getting through books pretty quickly. I'm currently reading Snow Hunters by Paul Yoon and I'm not far enough into it to know how it's gonna turn out. The writing is beautiful and the book isn't too long so that sounds like a recipe for success.

Listening To - I've been listening to a lot of podcasts! Okay not a lot, that's a lie, but a couple of solid ones (in my humble opinion). I know I've recommended Call Your Girlfriend before but it's an awesome podcast that I always listen to. I also listen to NYT Book Review to get some scoop on good books, and finally I just got into Death, Sex & Money which has been entertaining so far. Another excellent podcast is Strong Opinions Loosely Held, it's one of my favorites.

Doing - Waiting for Alex to get home from work so he can help carry our new mattress up the stairs! Yes, we cracked and got on the "mattress in a box" bandwagon that's heating up right now. After doing endless research about all of the companies we narrowed it down and finally got a new one. If you're interested in that I can share my online mattress shopping experience!

Planning - All of the recipes that I will make with my newly acquired Crock Pot, seriously it was like $25 on Amazon and since we left ours behind when we moved to New York I was beginning to miss it. I went on a recipe searching spree and I found so many delicious sounding ones. If you have a great Crock Pot recipe that you like to make please share with me so I can continue bringing tasty lunches to work!

Wanting - To get a high yield savings account. I've been looking up a lot of money saving tips and tricks and I feel like high yield savings accounts are a pretty easy step to increase savings. I know there are a lot of them to choose from and it's tough to know which ones are the best but I've been doing a bit of research online and I think I'm pretty close to finding the one!

Loving -  Gin and tonics. Whenever it comes to getting well drinks and all of that I never know what to get. I finally tried a gin and tonic and absolutely loved it, they are so tasty! I know I sound like I have a problem but seriously, where has gin been all of my life? I feel like I've been missing out.

What's new with you? What's your favorite mixed drink?

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