Day Trip To Kykuit

We've been meaning to go somewhere new and exciting around here. I started looking up good spots for a day trip and came across Kykuit. It's a pretty easy place to get to, we had to take Metro North to Tarrytown, which takes about 1 hour. The train goes through the east side of Manhattan from Grand Central and you get to catch some city views which is pretty cool. Majority of the way the train runs along the Hudson river. If you've seen The Girl on the Train that's the train route that the main character takes. We even passed the stop where she supposedly was from.

You can purchase tour tickets ahead of time online (you have to arrive 30 minutes before the tour to pick them up) or you can show up and buy whichever ones are available next. We decided to just show up and get them and we had to wait an hour, which wasn't too bad. There are different tours that you can choose from, we did the classic tour which covers some of the gardens and the first floor of the house. In case you don't know, Kykuit is a Rockefeller estate.
Our tour guide was an awesome lady and the whole tour was very informative. We were there on a really odd day, half the time it was pouring and the other half it was really sunny and hot. Unfortunately, we were unable to take photos inside the house but I think that outside looks much much better. The house itself felt rather small on the inside and wasn't as impressive as we expected. There is a lot of unique artwork all around and in the basement of the house that we got to see, but there are lots of outdoor pieces as well.
Our classic tour lasted 2.5 hours, but there are other options too if you want to spend more time there. I think I would probably do the grand tour if given the opportunity but it was still a good time. The view outside was amazing and the gardens were rather impressive. Overall we had a great time and it felt like a quick and easy getaway from the city.

What's the last day trip that you've been on?

This past long weekend we didn't really have any solid plans which we slightly regretted so we went ahead and got our Labor Day weekend all planned out. We're taking a train to Washington D.C. and spending a couple of days there exploring it. I've never been but I'm really excited for it because I can only imagine how much there is to see and do there. If you've got any good recommendations please let me know! 

Are you planning any trips in the near future?

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