July Catch Up

It's time for our monthly catch up! I love seeing posts like this from others because it's such a good way to sum everything up and see what everyone's been up to.

Watching - Still following The Bachelorette, it's going to be over in the next few weeks. This season has been good and I liked the solid amount of drama it delivered. I'm sad about Bachelor in Paradise being on hold but I guess I'll just have to move on with my life. I've also been watching The Handmaid's Tale but it isn't really a show that I felt like binge watching because of how slow moving it is so I've really spread it out. Alex and I usually watch Parks and Rec for a dose of feel good humor, and it also closes up the void that The Office left.

Reading - I'm powering through The Goldfinch. It's an awesome book that I highly recommend you read. It's so well written and the characters are on point. It's a pretty hefty book so it definitely slowed me down but I don't mind.

Listening To - Jack Johnson! Whenever I listen to his music I feel so calm and laid back, it's perfect for relaxing. He's coming out with a new album in September so I'm just preparing myself by listening to his old stuff. Along with that I've been listening to Haim's new album, which is pretty good.

Doing - I'm about to embark on another round of meal prep for the week. Every Sunday I've been choosing a recipe and cooking enough food to last us through majority of the week. It's been going great and I feel like it's an awesome way to save money. Buying lunches is tempting but it's not as healthy or cheap. Also, I've been going to the gym for 2 weeks now and I'm really trying not to fall off the wagon. I found a 12 week workout plan and it's been pretty enjoyable so far so fingers crossed that I stick to it.

Planning - All of the trips! August will be a busy month for us, we're going to Nashville in 2 weeks and will be there for a week. Then we have a wedding in Columbus one weekend. For labor day we're going to D.C. (that trip is all planned already). Finally, in October we're going on a trip to Europe. We will be hitting Stockholm, Copenhagen, and Oslo, it should be a blast!

Wanting - A carry on, and I really need it too because we actually don't own one at the moment. I've been browsing a few of them online (and getting recommendations from Jae, who is very wise) but I still haven't made up my mind. The front runner for me was Away Luggage and I also like Calpak, this will be tough. Any recommendations?

Loving - Not wearing makeup. Primarily because it's summer and I'm feeling lazy. With that being said, I always do my brows. I feel like they really frame my face and luckily it takes me 2 seconds. Also, not having to work hard to make sure all of makeup is washed off properly is a relief.

I hope you're having an awesome summer! What's new with you?

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