Weekend Recap

Hi friends! It's been a little while and I'm a slacker but I figured that since I had a slightly more exciting weekend for once that I should share it!

Saturday night we went to My Morning Jacket concert in Forest Hills stadium. It was our first time going there and the space didn't disappoint. We loved that it was outdoors and lucky for us it turned out to be a warm, sunny day.
Our seats were good and I honestly don't think that you could go wrong with any of them because it's a pretty compact venue. There was lots of standing room and I'm impressed by how many people chose to stand the entire time, the concert was like 3 hours. I'm just that lazy :)
Things eventually got pretty busy and show got on the way. It was an enjoyable experience, which says a lot since I wasn't very familiar with My Morning Jacket (Alex was the one who wanted to go). Clearly they have lots of fans, which is cool.
A kind stranger who was sitting behind us  volunteered to take a photo of us, which was great because I was doing a terrible job capturing a good selfie.

The following day one of my friends who lives in Queens came out for a visit. She hasn't been to our Brooklyn apartment before so she trekked over. We had to show her a good time in Bushwick so we took her to Roberta's for lunch. It's a very touristy spot and there are lots of famous people who have been there (Hillary Clinton and Beyonce are some of them).
You can have a sit down experience in the restaurant or you can get takeout and eat on the patio. We decided to go casual so we went to the takeout area to grab our pies. I went with the "Little Stinker", but I knew what I was getting since I've tried pretty much every single pizza on the menu. My work is right around the corner so from time to time we go here for lunch. Only when I'm being bad and not bringing my lunch.
This pizza has great flavor and I highly recommend trying it out if you ever make it to Roberta's. Even if you're out on the patio there's a full bar available for drinks so that's really convenient.
Here's me just anticipating my delicious pizza. Yeah, I ate pretty much the whole thing by myself. It was Sunday, also known as eat whatever you want day. I blame New York for having so much excellent pizza which tempts me every single weekend. 

How was your weekend? What's your favorite pizza place? 

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