Hair Care Routine

I'm pretty basic when it comes to hair care, the main product that I'm using is the dry shampoo because I only wash my hair twice a week.

Step 1 is the shampoo, I've been using this new stuff from Dessert Essence Organic. I really like it and it may be my new favorite shampoo. I know it says it's for oily hair but I didn't feel like it dries out my hair or anything. As always I'm sticking to sulfate free shampoos and this one has awesome organic ingredients.  I've stopped using conditioner because my hair is fine and conditioner really weighs it down. It was also tough to wash out sometimes so I'd end up with really greasy areas.

Next is salt spray, I use it after I get out of the shower. I'm not particularly loyal to any specific brand and I keep switching it up every time one runs out. I got this one in a box from Influencer, and it's been pretty good but I think I'll want to try something new next time. I like salt sprays because they add good texture to my hair which it desperately needs.

I'm juggling between two dry shampoos, they are both rather good. I like the Aveda one because it smells awesome and you can keep the pump and just buy replacement dry shampoo containers for it. It's also easy to use because of that pump so you don't have to sprinkle it on your hands. Acure one is a cheaper option but it also works well. It has good ingredients and doesn't really have a scent. I use dry shampoo in clean hair, and every morning and night.

The sugar texturizing spray is from when I used to get Birchbox, I've never really used texturizing spray before but this one works pretty well. I really want to try Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray but I need to use this up before getting anything new.

Finally, my hairspray. I guess I don't use it that much because I've had this same one since back when we used to live in Nashville. That may be the case because I only use it a couple of times a week and sometimes I just forget to use it. This one is pretty good though, it has a nice hold without making my hair crunchy.

What are your go-to hair products?

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