Washington DC Trip Recap

You know you've slacked very badly if it's December and you still haven't posted about a trip you took for Labor Day. Yep, that's me, just posting about our trip now. We got to spend the long weekend in Washington DC and it was a great time. We took an early morning train there, it was a great ride and the tickets weren't very expensive.

We stayed at a hotel that was close to the National Mall, which is where all of the exciting sights are. It's called Grand Hyatt Washington and we got a good deal on it through Hot Wire, which is a website that we normally use to find cheap hotels in US cities.

The very first day we arrived it was a rainy day out. So we strolled around and looked at the monuments. We wanted to go to some of the free museums but the lines were massive. I guess everyone had the same idea about hiding somewhere from the rain. Ironically enough, the next day when it was sunny and warm out there were absolutely no lines for any of the museums so we were able to go right in.

Since the National Mall was the main attraction for us (it's my first time in DC) we made sure to see all of the monuments. We started our journey by seeing the Washington Monument, it's up on a hill and has a great view of surrounding areas. Then we followed the path from there to World War II memorial (the photo above). From there the Reflecting Pool was right in front of us. I was very excited about that pool because I feel like you always see it in movies (yes, Forrest Gump) or shows so it was very cool to see that whole area in real life. I guess I didn't expect all of the memorials to be so close together.
I think the highlight of my trip was seeing the Lincoln Memorial, but I'm sure it's a highlight of everyone's trip! It had a magnificent view onto the pool and it was a great spot for snapping photos. I also liked how it wasn't super packed, there were a few people there but no crowds. Of course we had to go for the selfies with the view, who could blame us?
Along with these we also stopped by the Vietnam Veterans memorial, Korean War Veterans memorial, Martin Luther King Jr memorial, FDR memorial, and Thomas Jefferson memorial. Overall it was really exciting to see all of these memorials in person, they were incredible. So I highly recommend a trip to DC if you get the chance. That night we had dinner at Right Proper Brewing Company, the beers were very good there if that's what you're into!
The following day we also ventured out and saw Georgetown area of DC, which was gorgeous. Quiet streets and beautiful homes is what this area was all about. Nearby there is also a pretty bustling shopping area, so it's the best of both worlds. We had a nice pizza dinner there at il Canale as we were taking a break from strolling around and working up an appetite.

On the final day, when we didn't have too much time to spend around town so we decided to visit the Capitol, which is not pictured because we weren't able to snap any good photos of it or even get close to it. They had it blocked off for some event. Along with that, since we were in the neighborhood and couldn't miss it, we went for a stroll by the White House.
After seeing it so much on TV in movies, shows, and on the news it was really neat to see it in person. We went pretty early in the morning so we were pretty much the only people there to see it. Either way it was a cool experience.

So there you have it, our trip to Washington DC in a nutshell. I must also be forgetting some details of the trip since a few months have gone by but overall it was a great time and if you haven't been there before I highly recommend it.

Have you been on any fun trips lately? Have you ever been to Washington DC?

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