December 2017 Reading Wrap Up

For some reason December tends to always be a solid reading month for me. I think that could be because I'm always desperate to meet my Goodreads reading challenge goal, which I ended up failing for the second year in a row. In 2018 I'm aiming to read 50 books but who knows how that's going to go.

How to Be a Person in the World by Heather Havrilesky (4/5) - You wont normally find me reading self help type books but this one came recommended from a podcast I enjoy (Call Your Girlfriend). I liked how there was a variety of questions that people asked and how solid Polly's responses were. She gave awesome advice and I think a lot of people would benefit from it. So if you're in the mood to solve some problems that you might have, definitely give it a go.

Since We Fell by Dennis Lehane (4/5) - I've really enjoyed his books in the past, he's written a few good ones. You might be familiar with Shutter Island. This book was a quick read, as most his books are, but it did take me a little white to get into it. The beginning was slower than I would've liked. With that being said, the plot had a bunch of twists and turns so it's a good read if you like thrillers.

Final Girls  by Riley Sager (4/5) - I didn't know what to expect from this book, but it seemed promising. I really liked it and the twist was very unexpected, I've had a few guesses along the way but I did not see this coming. It was a quick read for me and it's an overall a great thriller.

Bonfire by Krysten Ritter (3/5) - Interesting book with a good main character and a decent storyline. I got into it right away and was interested in it throughout. The ending wasn't as promising as I thought it would be but it was a pretty decent book.

Pull Me Under by Kelly Luce (3/5) - I liked how well written this book was and it was interesting to have a main character with a Japanese background. It was tough for me to really understand what the point of the book was, but the descriptive language and interesting characters made up for it.

Lucky You by Erika Karter (2/5) - Another book that seemed to be about nothing. Each chapter is narrated by a different character in the book but none of them were very likable or relatable. Luckily it was a pretty short book so reading it didn't feel torturous but this book was not thought provoking or engaging.

Have you read any good book lately? 

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