TV Shows To Watch During Quarantine

Sitting at home sounds like a dream until you have to do it all day everyday and all other forms of entertainment are no longer an option. Goodbye for now spontaneous Target runs, I can't wait to go back! Staying home I have been watching a few different shows and I have some recommendations for you. They are a good mix of options that will hopefully sound appealing enough to check out.

Tiger King (Netflix) - If you haven't heard about this show, I just don't believe you! There are endless memes circling around on the internet and if you've held out this long and still haven't watched it I envy your self control. I dove into it after numerous people recommended it to me and I was not disappointed. This show is something else, it's completely wild. At times it's hard to believe that it's real life because it's so over the top. If you are in the mood for an outrageous show that will leave you in disbelief make sure to check this one out.

Little Fires Everywhere (Hulu) - I read the book by the same name and really liked it, though I recommend Celeste Ng's other book (Everything I Never Told You). This show is pretty close to the book from what I can remember of the book, and the cast is excellent. I always really enjoy seeing books being made into shows, especially if they are very well done. If you enjoyed Big Little Lies on HBO you will like this as well. After all, how can someone resist a solid family drama?

Modern Love (Amazon) - This show is amazing, Alex and I binged it in one day. Every episode is a different tale of love, involving friends, coworkers, and random strangers. It's such a heartfelt portrayal, I found myself with tears in my eyes a couple of times. Better yet, these stories are based on real life relationships as shared on New York Times podcast Modern Love. I highly recommend this show, it was beautiful and the cast is incredible. Seriously, go watch it now!

The Circle (Netflix) - If you're missing reality TV shows and need something to take your mind off of things this is a great option. A bunch of people trying to become an influencer, interacting with a bunch of people that they cannot see or talk to? Sign me up. I'm a sucker for things like that but Alex also got sucked into it, and he initially said he was not interested in the show. According to him it's "weirdly satisfying". So give this one a go if you've got a soft spot for social media and reality TV shows.

Catch 22 ( Hulu) - I don't see this show talked about too much, but this is another great show that is based on a book. This is, as you may have guessed, a mini series based on the book Catch 22. It's incredibly entertaining, funny, and very well done. I will miss the quirky characters and an interesting setting during WWII.

Shrill (Hulu) - There are two seasons of this show now, and I loved them both! It's a hybrid between HBO's Girls and Netflix's Love so if you enjoyed either one of those I think you will be happy. It's also a bit literary as it is based on a book called Shrill by Lindy West. I recommend this if you want a lighter show to watch that also sends a good message.

That's it! Have you seen any of these shows? What have been your must watch shows during the quarantine?

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