30 Before 30

This seemed like a fun list to make, hooray for lists!

1. Pay off student loan
2. Visit 5 countries in Europe Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Turkey, and Austria. 
3. Get a new mattress All done! We got a Brooklyn Bedding mattress after much deliberation
4. Go to 3 concerts The Lumineers, My Morning Jacket, Lord Huron, and Vampire Weekend (I'm an overachiever) 
5. Go to Disney with Isla
6. Watch a movie on a rooftop, with boozy drinks
7. Get a hard drive, because those photos ain't going anywhere
8. Go to Arizona
9. Get a DSLR + learn how to use it
10. Go hiking in upstate NY
11. Read War and Peace
12. Try AirBnb  Done, after our Euro trip this fall. We stayed at 2 different AirBnbs
13. Go camping
14. Save enough travel points for a round trip flight I did this multiple times with a couple of different credit cards. I really need to make a blog post sharing this in more detail. Got enough points to fly to Russia, to Pensacola, Denver, Chicago, and NYC. 
15. Take a family trip every year
16. Meet a blogger (or bloggers) in real life I met Alexandra when she was in NYC
17. Move out of NYC Success, as of summer 2018 we are back in Nashville. 
18. Go to a book signing
19. Bring my credit score to 800+
20. Write letters and mail cards regularly
21. Make photo albums of all our trips
22. Create a solid skincare routine I do have a routine going, will have to share it soon!
23. Disconnect from my phone more
24. Blog regularly for 5 more years
25. Get a Prius I didn't get a Prius but I currently drive Chevrolet Volt, which is electric :) 
26. Go to a Mets game Done! I even have photos to show for it :)
27. Bake a cake I have done that a couple of times now, but I will have to document it next time I do. 
28. Run a marathon
29. Grow out my hair My hair is pretty long at this point, I guess mission accomplished. 
30. Take Alex to Russia

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