I've always been attracted to the idea of having my own corner of the internet. It started a while ago with Livejournals that never stuck, Piczo websites that didn't hang around too long, and other platforms that I just couldn't maintain. In April of 2014 I created my first blog that lasted, it was called Birch Juice Blog and that really made me fall in love with documenting my life and meeting amazing people in the blog community. In April of 2017 I decided to try something new so I made Heydae, which will hopefully be a new and exciting step in my blogging adventure.

 Through my blog I have been able to share some very exciting and meaningful life moments, as well as some heartbreaks. It all started out in Canada when I was dating my now husband. We eventually got engaged and later married, so I also got to share our wedding story. Since then I moved to the US, Nashville, TN where we now live with our daughter and two badly behaved dogs.

I wanted a catchy blog name and I thought that right now I'm having a so called "heyday" - the period of a person's or thing's greatest success, popularity, or vigor. The domain name wasn't available, and for a hot second I considered naming it "heydai" but that seemed cheesy so I went with what I thought was the next best thing.

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